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From your mobile

Introducing the new iPhone and Android apps from

Now you can manage your fax communications from anywhere in the world with your mobile phone. Download our FREE phone app and start faxing from your mobile today.

Our eFax® mobile apps allow our customers to transform their smart phones into fully functioning fax machines by taking a picture of a document using the phone's high resolution camera. Additionally, incoming or stored faxes can be easily received, searched, tagged and archived on your smart phone.

  • Send & receive faxes from your smartphone anytime, anywhere

  • Cut cost and save time when you fax by email

  • Eliminate fax machine cost like paper, ink cartridge and dedicated fax lines

  • Fax from anywhere!

"I have used eFax for years and found it to be the most efficient way to fax--wherever I travel" Bill Middleton,
President, Corporate Capital Group