Fax Over the Internet. How It Works

eFax is a unique fax service that enables you to send and receive faxes over the internet, by email and via mobile.

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Faxing Over the Internet

Thanks to services like eFax, fax messages can now be sent and received easily and conveniently over the Internet, allowing you to enjoy the flexibility of email, coupled with the security and legal certainty that we associate with traditional faxing services.

When sending and receiving faxes over the internet, there are a number of methods of delivery to avail of. Internet faxes can be sent either via email or through an installed application, both on desktop computers and Android / iOS enabled smartphones. So long as you are connected to the internet, the eFax service allows you to send and receive faxes from any location, even while on the move.

How Faxing Over the Internet Works?

When faxing over the Internet, cumbersome traditional fax machines are replaced by nimble software programs. The printer, which had previously been a necessary fax machine integration, has now become largely superfluous now that faxes can be displayed directly on screen and archived digitally. These fax messages can also be signed digitally, ensuring that they are legally binding.

If needed, internet faxes can be used in conjunction with wired fax machines. eFax customers receive a traditional fax number which allows traditional fax users to send them messages which are converted into internet faxes before being delivered to the eFax inbox. Similarly, an eFax message will deliver to a traditional fax machine and can be printed out the old-fashioned way.

how to send step 1

Log into your MyAccount page and select Send Faxes.

how to send step 2

Enter the recipient’s fax number or select it from your contacts.

how to send step 3

Attach up to 10 documents and click Send Fax.

That’s it! Your recipient will receive the document directly on their fax machine. Exactly as they would a normal fax.

The Benefits of Faxing Over the Internet

Faxing over the Internet offers numerous advantages over the operation of a conventional fax machine. Internet faxing uses up less tangible resources, such as paper, ink, electricity, and additional telephone lines. You also save time: sending a fax over the internet is a much quicker process than manually operating a wired fax machine, saving your business countless staff hours over the course of the financial year.

Equally important is the added flexibility which internet faxing provides. No longer is a company confined to sending faxes from the office space during pre-determined business hours. As long as there is an internet connection, internet faxes can be sent from any location, meaning important business transactions need not be delayed just because someone is away from their desk or office.


Reduced Costs

Without the need to pay for paper, ink, toner, power and maintenance, your company will save money by switching to fax by email services.



A fax machine is confined to a specific location, but eFax can be used virtually anywhere thanks to the handy eFax mobile app.


Environmentally Friendly

As eFax messages can be read on screen, they don’t need to be printed out on paper, thereby saving trees and the environment.


Save Time

Sending messages through eFax is a lot quicker than the traditional method, taking no longer than the time it takes to send a simple email message.


Searchable Archives

Faxes sent through eFax make use of cloud storage, so are archived automatically, allowing you to find them easily for future reference.


Privacy & Security

As your incoming faxes are sent directly to your inbox, they can’t be accessed by anyone else, unlike traditional fax machines, where anyone can see the print outs.    

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