Benefits of eFax® Large File Transfer

Isn’t it frustrating when you try to email a file — an image, a video or audio clip, a presentation or even a document — but it’s simply too large for your email program (or your recipient’s)? With eFax® Large File Transfer feature, you’ll never have that problem again.

Included free with your account, eFax® Large File Transfer let's you upload one or more large files (up to 3GB total), then send your recipient a link to download them from an eFax secure server. It’s that simple!

Improve Collaboration

Share large files easily by uploading them to eFax for easy access.

Save Time

Send a large file (or series of large files) simultaneously — up to 20 email addresses.

Save Money

Use your eFax® account for large file sharing —don’t spend money on an FTP solution.

Using "eFax® Large File Transfer is Easy"


Log into eFax® and click “Share Large File.” Then enter your recipient(s) email address.


Click “Upload Files” and choose the file(s) to upload. You can add multiple files — up to 3GB total


eFax® sends your recipient(s) a link where they can access your files.