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eFax not only simplifies the way you send and receive faxes, it also has a host of excellent features to make your everyday faxing easier. 


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Everyday Faxing Online 

With eFax® there is no software to download and no fax machine necessary. Know how to use email? Then you can send and receive faxes as email attachments using eFax®.

Not only does eFax® brings the convenience of online faxing to your computer and mobile, efax have developed top features to help you improve day to day productivity and be the most cost efficient method of faxing.


Fax Online

Sending fax messages over the internet is easy when you have eFax. All you have to do is log onto your secure eFax account and follow the simple instructions which are displayed there

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Fax By Email

Fax by email combines the efficiency of email with the trusted security of traditional faxing. Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook are fully compatible with this eFax service.

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Fax By Mobile

Send, receive and even sign any fax from your mobile device.  All major opertating systems are fully supported by the efax app, including both Apple iOS and Android operating system-based mobile smartphones and tablets.

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Secure Faxing

Send and receive faxes through the eFax cloud with advanced security and encryption protocols, and store them online with equally sophisticated protection measures.

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Fax Solutions 

For over 15 years, our 11 million customers have depended on our fax-to-email solution for getting business done. But as your business has evolved, so has ours. We now offer a host of advanced features to help businesses better manage their documents online. At eFax, we pride ourselves on helping you close the deal.

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Regulatory Compliance

Bring your business faxing processes into compliance and ensure your fax communications align with NHS Digital, EU data protection and other regulations.

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eFax PDF Converter

eFax's easy to use PDF Converter is a clever feature which will allow you to quickly and efficiently convert any received online fax files into PDF files. 

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Complete Audit Trail

Easy, anytime access to your archived faxes via a secure, intuitive web portal for a complete fax audit trail secured with AES 256-bit encryption on the cloud.

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Configurable Storage Retention

Store your faxes for as long, or as short, as your organisation’s retention policies require.  Delete faxes at any time, or set storage to “OFF” as needed to comply with document storage and retention policies.

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Access to Admin Portal

Our management portal includes an administrator log-in via a secure browser session that allows organisations to assign user rights, create profiles, manage user groups and generate reports.

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Detailed Reporting

Easily track and audit your fax usage, reports by individual fax number, employee, client and vendor, via secure browser session and your reports can be created and downloaded in CSV and Excel formats. 

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Multifunction Printer Integration

Integrate your business faxing with your networked MFPs to enjoy both streamlined faxing through the cloud and the ability to send or receive paper faxes when needed, right from the glass of your MFPs.

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Dedicated Account Rep

Our dedicated account managers will help you every step of the way and our service includes 24/7 network monitoring by a team of trained tech support engineers.

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SAP Certified

Our SAP Connector is certified under SAPs latest BC-SMPT requirements making it easy for you to integrate your SAP environment. 

The eFax® Advantage:

Cloud storage

eFax is integrated with cloud storage services like Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive - so you can quickly grab files from the cloud, attach them to your fax, and hit Send.


Electronic Signature

Need to sign and send a fax in a hurry? Or even from the road? No problem. The eFax Electronic Signature feature lets you add your signature to a document electronically, whether you're at your computer, or on the road with just your tablet or smart phone.


Fax By Mobile

Fax anywhere, right from your smartphone or tablet. The free eFax® mobile app — for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Android — lets you send faxes from your mobile device.


Large File Transfer

eFax is integrated with cloud storage services like Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive - so you can quickly grab files from the cloud, attach them to your fax, and hit Send.


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