Fax Machine versus eFax

Using a traditional fax machine is still a common practice across many offices worldwide. This usually entails getting a separate phone line, maintaining a good inventory of related supplies such as toner and paper and paying extra fees such as long distance charges. This all adds up to higher expense for your business. Our email-based faxing technology reduces this cost significantly by eliminating all the expenses related to operating and maintaining a conventional fax machine.

Aside from being cost-efficient, our faxing services allow you to send and receive faxes anywhere in the world through a private and secure transmission channel. Try doing that with an outmoded fax machine.

Also, our digital faxing capabilities are highly dependable. No more busy lines, paper jams and other problems linked to using an outdated fax machine. Plus, if anything goes wrong, our highly trained customer support team is always ready to provide assistance.

With eFax, you send and receive faxes in digital format. This eliminates the need for you to dig through tons of paper when searching for a fax message you previously sent or received. By simply typing a keyword, phrase or label, you can locate a fax message in a few seconds.

One day faxing will be a thing of the past, but until that day comes, eFax streamlines fax machine technology so that it works with your busy lifestyle!

Get the eFax Business Advantage

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Send and receive faxes as email attachments.

Choose a real fax number from over 4,700 cities around the world.

Up to 300 free fax pages every month*.

Eliminates need for extra fax lines and fax machines.

No more toner, expensive phone bills, or machine repairs.

Paperless technology allows you to send and receive faxes wherever you are.

No busy signals, paper jams or lost/misplaced faxes.

Lifetime storage means you’ll never lose a fax again.

Access your faxes from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Why pay hundreds of pounds to buy/maintain a fax machine when you can save over £500 when you fax by email with eFax®?