How Do I Use Cover Pages with eFax Messenger?

eFax Messenger® offers a variety of ready-made cover page templates, suitable for different documents and occasions. You can also create a custom cover page with your letterhead or an image of your choice.

To apply a cover page template:

  1. Create a new fax or open a fax draft.
  2. Click Cover Page.
  3. On the Insert Cover Page screen, select a cover page template from the list on the left. You can click on each cover page to see a preview on the right.
  4. To apply the cover page template selected, click Insert Cover Page.
eFax Messenger can be set to automatically apply a default cover page to each fax.

To set the default eFax Messenger cover page:

  1. Click the Preferences icon () in the top right corner Messenger.
  2. Go to the Fax.
  3. From the Default Cover Page drop-down menu, select the cover page you want to use as your default.
  4. To apply the cover page template selected, click Insert Cover Page.