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Multiple Fax Numbers or Compliance Requirements?

eFax Corporate® is our advanced edition for businesses with more complex faxing needs. A secure and scalable cloud fax solution, eFax Corporate is ideal for organisations that have multiple fax numbers, regulatory compliance requirements, or that need API integration.

eFax Corporate replaces your fax machines, analogue fax lines and fax servers with a fully hosted cloud service that lets your staff send and receive faxes by email. It’s simple, secure, and can significantly lower your overall fax costs. You can even use your existing fax numbers.

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Save Money on Your Fax Processes

When you outsource your faxing to eFax Corporate, you can eliminate the costs of maintaining fax hardware, dedicated fax lines and software — not to mention the costs of employees waiting in a queue to send a fax or redialing a busy line. eFax can lower your overall fax costs considerably.

Save money

Simplify Fax Management

eFax Corporate gives you complete administrative control of your business faxing — from an intuitive web portal. You can assign easily add or delete fax accounts, assign billing codes to clients, assign fax usage by cost centre, and generate fax activity reports anytime.

simplify fax management

Improve Fax Reliability

With your fax infrastructure outsourced to the cloud and to the experts at eFax Corporate — your company won’t experience the breakage, downtime or other problems of your legacy fax processes. Your organisation’s faxing will simply work — always.

improve fax reliability

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Increase Fax Security

eFax Corporate utilises highly secure, Tier 3 and 4 data centres in the UK and worldwide, as well as enhanced encryption such as TLS 1.2 for faxes in transit and AES 256-bit at rest — to give your data the highest degree of security at all times.

increase fax security

Boost Your Staff’s Productivity

eFax Corporate can help make your staff more efficient by freeing them from the fax machine — and letting them fax by email from any Internet-connected device, even a smartphone. Features such as auto-resend for busy numbers, confirmation emails and PDF conversions make faxing even easier.

Boost productivity

Keep Your Existing Fax Number

With eFax Corporate, you can enjoy all of the benefits of cloud faxing while continuing to use the fax number your customers, vendors and other parties already know. We can port your existing fax number from your carrier into the eFax service. You won’t even need to update your business cards or website!

keep existing number



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We respect your privacy. We do not sell or rent your personal identifiable information to third parties.
Privacy Policy & Customer Agreement