Case Study

Total Worldfresh reduces faxing costs and increases efficiency with fax-to-email service.


United Kingdom




Large volume of inbound faxed paper orders slowing up ability to process and dispatch quickly.

Spiralling cost of fax machines, supplies, telco lines and IT support required to maintain fax infrastructure.


All faxes now received via email around the clock, reliably, securely and with ability to share internally for faster processing.

Reduced faxing costs as a result of savings on fax hardware, supplies, and telco lines. Pay as you go model is now highly cost effective.

Eliminating the machines from the offices has freed up IT resource time as there is no longer hardware troubleshooting or repair tasks to worry about.

“eFax has enabled us to streamline our supply chain and ordering process which means we can ensure fast turnaround and delivery of quality produce to our retailers.”

“With eFax , produce orders are now received digitally via email which makes them easier to share and forward to other staff members for processing.”

Total Worldfresh

Total Worldfresh
is the retail division of Total Produce, one of the world’s largest and most accomplished fresh produce providers. The company grows, sources, imports, packages, markets and distributes over 300 lines of fresh produce, operates out of 26 countries, and has a global infrastructure of over 120 facilities extending across Europe, India and North America.

The retail side of the operation, Total Worldfresh, has a turnover of £250 million and a staff in the UK of approximately 100. They supply fresh produce to a network of national retailers on a daily basis.

The Challenge of Meeting Critical Supply Chain Deadlines

Trust in Total Worldfresh’s business remains contingent on a confidence in the supply chain through which produce is delivered. The delivery of premium quality, safe, traceable produce to the consumer is the number one priority, always.

Total Worldfresh receives over 1,000 orders from its retailers each month and these orders are almost exclusively faxed to Total Worldfresh, most orders arriving after working hours and late evening. Orders from retailers need immediate turnaround for dispatch first thing the following morning, so time is of the essence.

Total Worldfresh were using traditional fax machines for receiving these orders which posed a real problem. Faxed orders were sitting on a fax machine which meant processing times were limited to when staff were in the office. In addition hard copy orders were not easy to share without that extra step of scanning.

In addition, the cost of using traditional fax machines was proving expensive with each machine costing upwards of £350, not to mention the cost of the telco lines, paper, toner, ink and the cost of IT time and resources to maintain the machines.

Total Worldfresh needed to ensure their supply chain and order processing was working more efficiently in order to supply their customers better, ensuring timely processing and delivery of fresh produce on a daily basis.

Streamlining the Ordering Process

Total Worldfresh began looking for a better way of handling inbound produce orders from retailers. They needed after-hours access to faxed orders. It was important that they could easily share the order documents to facilitate fast processing, turnaround and dispatch.

Cloud faxing was the answer for IT Manager, Matthew Preston and they began with a trial of eFax initially within their HR department. Results were good. They then scaled up and added more numbers so that their sales admin team were able to send and receive faxes via email. The service proved reliable, easy to use and it also started delivering cost savings. Preston made a decision to move all fax numbers to the cloud eliminating the need for fax machines altogether.

This move to cloud faxing means they can deliver on their promise of providing their retailers with fresh produce each day, turning their orders around promptly.

For Preston it’s all about the portability of the fax received. With eFax, produce orders are now received digitally via email which makes them easier to share and forward to other staff members for processing. This would have been a manual and cumbersome task with inbound paper orders sitting on a fax machine.

Cloud Faxing that Cut Costs

When asked about savings Preston says they see significant savings each month. They no longer have the expense of the costly machines and machine replacement, fax supplies, telco lines and the IT team no longer spends the unnecessary time maintaining the machines.

Preston also has been impressed with the excellent level of customer service. He likes the fact that the eFax team is proactive, stays in touch and ensures the plan fits usage.