Case Study

Neighbourhood Midwives future-proofs IT with a move to online faxing, improving security, compliance and fax accessibility


United Kingdom




Neighbourhood Midwives needed a secure, online, audit-proof faxing solution for a dispersed team of midwives.

They didn’t want any hardware or paper and wanted the ability to scale to accommodate business growth.


Enhanced Security – all patient faxes are sent and received via email using advanced transmission encryption, ensuring patient records are never lost and reach the right person every time.

Complete Audit Trails – Neighbourhood Midwives have peace of mind knowing they have a copy of every digital faxed document, stored in the secure eFax portal for easy and speedy retrieval during audits.

“Our IT systems are as important as the care we provide to our clients. With eFax Corporate® we know we have a secure, auditable fax solution that can be easily scaled when our business grows”

Eleanor May-Johnson, Co-founder, Neighbourhood Midwives
IT Manager’s Survival Guide

Neighbourhood Midwives is an independent midwifery service, offering personalised care packages for women throughout their pregnancy, birth and beyond. There are two sides of the business, a private midwifery service, and a National Health Service (NHS) offering, where patients are referred directly by the NHS or by their General Practioners (GPs).

Neighbourhood Midwives was founded in 2013 and has a distributed team of almost 20 midwives that offer their services in different parts of the country, working in the community. The company has ambitious plans to grow in the coming years, expanding their services across the United Kingdom.

Future Proofing IT Services

Neighborhood Midwives was founded by four midwives, one of whom manages the company’s IT function. When first setting up the business, Neighbourhood Midwives was keen to ensure their IT systems were cloudbased to enable their team to log in and access patient information from anywhere in the UK. It was also important that their IT systems could scale to accommodate their ambitious growth plans.

Neighbourhood Midwives is also audited on an annual basis in accordance with the NHS Digital IG Toolkit. They also have regular inspections through the Care Quality Commission and NHS England. It is therefore critical that all client records and documents are stored and can be securely archived for up to 25 years. The records must also be accessible for inspection at any given time for audits. According to founder and IT Manager, Eleanor May-Johnson, “Our IT systems are as important as the care we provide to our clients”.

Paperless Cloud Faxing

Neighbourhood Midwives’ business relies on referrals from the NHS and from GPs, and since many of these referrals are sent via fax, they needed to find a solution that fitted their needs. They did not want to use traditional fax machines or paper, and wanted the ability to send and receive faxes while on the road, via email, from laptops or smart phones.

One of the faxing options considered was a virtual fax server, but this solution was found to be cost-prohibitive. The preference was for a more affordable cloud service with a predictable usage-based pricing plan.

Following extensive research, evaluation and testing, Neighbourhood Midwives made the decision to engage with eFax Corporate®. These are some of the reasons that helped them reach that decision:

Fast and easy set up – using the dedicated eFax® portal, Neighbourhood Midwives was able to complete their online faxing set-up with ease so that they were ready to start faxing in less than 48 hours. From the intuitive eFax® dashboard, they were able to choose their own fax numbers and assign up to 5 users per number. In the future, Neighbourhood Midwives will also be able to scale up very easily, using the portal to add more numbers and team members, when the business is ready. Once users are set up on the portal, eFax Corporate® sends notifications via email such as successful transmission alerts so there’s peace of mind that sent faxes have been received.

Highly secure – using eFax Corporate®, all inbound faxes are received by email so the fax always reaches the right midwife, making it more secure than a paper fax siting openly on a fax machine. And because Neighbourhood Midwives is dealing with highly confidential and sensitive patient information, they opted to add eFax Secure™, an optional security feature which uses the most advanced transmission encryption protocol available. eFax Secure™ also controls access to inbound faxes via a secure portal with PIN access.

Compliant and auditable – Neighbourhood Midwives are required to maintain their patient records for up to 25 years and they need to be able to produce a full paper trail to the Quality Care Commission and NHS Digital at any time an audit is requested. Paper documents would not only take up too much space to store, but retrieving them would slow up the audit process considerably. eFax Corporate® comes with unlimited lifetime storage for archiving of digital faxes so that patient information never gets lost or mislaid and is always within fingertip access. Neighbourhood Midwives also use an indexing system where they copy patient faxes into their Document Management System so that they have a complete client record, making the auditing process more thorough, faster and easier to complete. eFax Corporate® also has been assessed by NHS Digital with IG Toolkit Assessment attained to level 3, the highest level achievable.