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More Money in Your Pocket

No need to pay for hardware, software, supplies, maintenance or dedicated fax line.


The Mobility You Need

Send and receive faxes from your computer, mobile or touch device.


Document Management Included

Store documents in the cloud; create electronic signatures and sign on the go; large file transfer capability; convert your documents to PDF on the fly.


Keep Your Faxes Private

Faxes are delivered directly to your inbox with a secure communications network that offers unparalleled transmission security.


Say Goodbye to Fax Hassles

No busy signals, paper jams or lost / misplaced faxes.


Get the Number You Want

Pick a local or international number from over 4,300 cities, in 49 countries-on 6 continents.

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eFax is the most efficient way to receive and send faxes. As someone who travels 75% of the work week, I can still get all my faxes as they come in, and send out things whenever necessary from wherever I am. I can add my signature, store faxes, and view them on line. It is a GREAT service.

Mark Smith, Coromega

eFax has allowed me as a small business owner to control costs as well as stand next to major corporations.

Arthur Candler, AC Inc Fundings

eFax is easy to setup & use. I was able to sign up and start sending and receiving faxes within a few minutes! Plus, it costs less than half of my previous fax number through the local phone company.

Anya Curry, Ambidextrous Services

Secure, paperless, easy to use, exactly what we wanted. We tested using eFax in one department and eventually rolled it out to all other departments.

Stephen Connolly, Pearson VUE

eFax makes it easy for us to stay in touch with our customers. With access to review faxes from anywhere in the world where we have internet access, our customers know we can respond to their needs quickly and effectively. Responsiveness helps strengthen our business partnerships and grow our business.

Matthew Kelly, Kikboxes Computer Craft, Inc.

I use eFax to receive important documents from clients. They like knowing that their personal information is only in my email box, not sitting on an unmanned fax machine. It helps me get more new clients!!

Brian Fox, Advance Auto Parts

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