Fax Online & Rid Your Office of Paper Mountains

The machine installed in your office may do a splendid job of sending and receiving faxes. However, it does prove to be costly in the long run. Our figures, calculated on the basis of average usage over the course of one year, show that a single fax machine can cost more than £600 a year. This includes the one-off purchase costs of the hardware and line installation, line rental, ribbons and electricity, before factoring in depreciation and maintenance. Read More

Not to mention the mountains of paper, extra storage space and filing systems required that can prove to be even costlier and the necessary manpower required which all adds to those costs.

One of the best ways to run a paperless office is to opt for an online service where you can send and receive faxes quickly and efficiently through email attachments. You won’t waste paper and you’ll improve your carbon footprint. In addition, you won’t lose any important documents again, as they’re all archived and easily accessible online. And as every fax received is in your inbox, your online faxes remain private.

If you have an existing fax number, you can move this number to your new online fax service provider at no extra charge. On the other hand, you can also opt for a new local or freephone number to help broaden your reach and make your business seem more local.

Running a paperless office can lead to a significant reduction in costs. The savings improve as many providers offer free fax minutes within their service plans. So, if you consider switching to an online service, the savings can be significant. Without the need for a machine or a dedicated phone line and the corresponding escalating costs of long distance charges for transmissions, you can reallocate this budget to spend on more important expenses.

For the most part, there are savings all around when you opt for an online service. Rest assured, your employees will remain more productive since they don’t have to waste time around the machine, waiting for that seemingly endless and costly roll of paper to make an appearance. You are at liberty to print only those faxes you actually need to, and your carbon footprint is greatly reduced. That’s the power of online fascimile. An increasing number of businesses have begun to save and experience better growth, and there’s no reason why you ought not to get in touch with an online service provider today. Read Less

Get Local UK Fax Numbers & Make Your Small Business Look Big

As a small business owner you are probably in search of ways to reduce communication costs. While phone lines and mobiles are essential for your business, one of the most expensive areas when it comes to communications is faxing. Undoubtedly, the installation of a machine can make a significant dent to your net profit. Besides, you won’t be able to control the costs efficiently. However, if you seriously want to stay ahead of your competitors and make your business look much bigger than it really is, it is time to consider an internet service for faxing. Read More

An increasing number of small businesses have realised the potential of an internet service to cut down on ever-rising costs and expose their business to a wider audience. You don’t even need to have a dedicated phone line or a machine to send and receive faxes. Neither do you have to depend on your local business centre or local store or even keep your phone line busy just to send and receive important documents, which can only add to the costs.

Online service providers offer a variety of local UK numbers or toll free numbers which you can use to send and receive faxes as email attachments without a machine. Whether it’s your desktop, laptop, or smartphone, your faxes are available right in your mailbox, which gives you the freedom to access messages or send important documents while on the move. Once you sign up with a service provider, you will be allocated a local fax number that you use to send and receive faxes. All you need is to log in to your account with your service provider and you are ready to deal with any faxes quickly and efficiently.

An internet service is an ideal way to demonstrate that you run an efficient operation, which is one of the major factors that customers tend to flock to. This is a great way to lend credibility to your business without investing thousands of dollars on a machine to meet your communication needs. In addition, you have the freedom to send and receive authorised and sensitive information without the fear of these messages falling into the wrong hands. An internet based service offers a number of features that you can never expect from traditional machines. While it can do much to boost your small business image, it also offers a convenient way to store and retrieve documents, and print them only whenever the need arises. Read Less

How Shifting to an Online Fax Service Can Save You £100s per Year

Fact: no business will survive without communication. Another fact: communication expenses form a huge percentage of an organisation’s overhead cost. Here is one more: Every business wants to reduce their operations expenditure in any way possible. Read More

Subscribing to advanced, online faxing services can help a business reduce their communication expense significantly.

No Need for Additional Phone Lines

While it is common practice for many businesses to have telefax numbers (a phone line and a fax number in one), this is typically not advisable. This is because if someone is sending you a facsimile and someone else is using the phone, the message won’t come through. Hence, it is highly encouraged for offices to get separate fax and landline numbers. This could easily send your communication expenses to the roof. When you subscribe to online services, you don’t have to get new phone lines since every message is sent and received through your email. You will still be assigned a number and most providers typically give you the option to select from an inventory of available numbers. These include geographic, freephone, local and toll free numbers depending on your needs.

Cutting Down on Supplies

A fax equipment is not a “standalone” device. There are a number of supplies needed for it to function. These include thermal paper and ink or toner. If you receive a significant number of messages per day, these could easily add up to several paper rolls and several ink cartridges per month. And what if someone sends you a bulky document such as a proposal or a signed contract from one of your clients? Your supplies will deplete and your expenses will skyrocket right before your very eyes. When you subscribe to an online package, you don’t have to keep an inventory of these supplies since everything is digital. It’s more cost-efficient, not to mention more environment-friendly.

Great Value for Money

There are different pricing models offered by various online providers depending on your business’ needs. At the end of the day, they usually offer more value for your money since there are added features, which are not present in traditional machines. Plus, there are providers who give their customers a certain number of free fax they can send and receive within a specific risk-free trial period. Use this to your advantage and discover how you can easily save £100 on your communication expenses by using internet-based facsimile. Read Less

How to Get A Cheap UK Fax Number

Communication is one of the most important areas that every business needs to pay special attention to irrespective of their size. With the ever increasing need to send and receive faxes, the installation and maintenance of fax equipments can prove to be costly for any business across the UK. However, one of the easiest ways to overcome these problems is to switch to an online service. This is the ideal solution to your faxing needs and the easiest way to save potentially thousands of pounds by eliminating the expenses of a dedicated line, a machine, and supplies that could put a spoke into your efforts at cost control. Read More

Many service providers offer cheap UK numbers that you could use to send and receive faxes by email. When you sign up with an online service, you will receive a dedicated number that’s linked to your email. Sign into your account and you can access your faxes from anywhere, anytime, even on your smartphone. In addition, there are plans to suit every type of business. Whether you send a few faxes a day or volumes of documents, several service providers offers plans which include up to as much as 300 or more free fax minutes beginning from as low as £6 a month.

All you need is to register with an online service, choose a local or toll-free fax number and you are ready to send and receive as many messages you need. Several providers offer a free trial offer during which you can decide what type of plan may suit your business needs best and with no obligation to sign up with them. Rather than depend on fax software or a machine and deal with untimely technical problems, an online service provider is an ideal way to not only cut costs but reduce your carbon footprint and reap the benefits of running a paperless operation. In addition, your messages are secure since they are stored as attachments in your mailbox.

The benefits of an online service far outweigh any disadvantages. Your service provider can have a local UK fax number or a toll free number such as a 0844 number set up for you quickly and at an affordable price. Plans begin from as low as £6 per month; however, the costs vary amongst providers. Any faxes sent to your number will appear in your email as a PDF or .tif file that you can retrieve even on your smartphone. In addition, receiving faxes don’t cost a penny. If you still need convincing, don’t hesitate to opt for a free trial and make the best possible choice to help you make a significant reduction in your communication costs. Read Less

Is Faxing Still Relevant for Your Business?

In an era of highly advanced business communication proven by the numerous innovations that emerged in recent years, it would be easy to assume that faxing will soon be extinct. However, while modernisation has indeed made different forms of communication obsolete in the past, fax equipments still hold a distinct place in businesses in this day and age. Read More

Legalities and Identity Authentication

Faxing is still one of the preferred modes of business communication, especially among organisations which deal with tons of paperwork and bounded by a number of legalities. For example, there are certain companies that require contracts to be printed out and signed physically as opposed to electronically. Email signatures are rarely legally binding, hence the need to print out a copy of a document and sign it by hand. This is especially true for a lot of businesses in the healthcare and procurement industry. Further, creating a fake identity over email is not rocket science that can lead to fraudulent business transactions.

Giving Fax Technology a 21st Century Overhaul

The indispensability of faxing has prompted the creation of using technologies that would make it more suitable to how businesses communicate today. The solution came in the form of fax over Internet or email/fax technology. This gives businesses the capability to send and receive facsimiles via email. Subscribers are assigned a fax number, which can be a geographic, local, freephone or toll free number. There are packages that come with fax software, which is not essential, but gives users additional messaging features. This relatively new technology also cuts down business operations expenses by eliminating the need to stock on paper and toner. There are even providers that give out a certain number of free fax messages to their customers.

While bringing down costs, online faxing increases reliability with messages being transmitted via a more reliable and secure network. Further, facsimiles can now be sent and received anywhere through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as long as internet connection is accessible.

Faxing is Here to Stay

Communication technologies have come and gone, but clearly, it’s not yet time for faxing to go. It has undeniable benefits not present in newer forms of business communication. What makes traditional machines outdated are the inefficiencies associated with them. However, the need to transmit documents quickly will always be there. Internet fax solves these inefficiencies by streamlining faxing over the internet. Read Less

The Fax Machine Just Got Portable

Bulky and fixed in one place – these statements describe the fax equipment of the not-so-distant past. Today, almost half a century after the first “modern” facsimile apparatus was introduced, it has now evolved to cater to a more mobile and decentralised business landscape. Thanks to technology, faxing has now become portable. Read More

Integrating Email and Fax

A simple concept is behind this newfound portability of the fax machine – allow people to send and receive fax via their emails. The invention of the smartphone and other mobile devices has revolutionised in many ways how businesses communicate, one of which is the ability to send and receive emails wherever they are, whenever they want as long as internet connection is available. Now, employees or business executives can get and transmit facsimile over their iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry mobile devices. Additionally, this centralises all your messages in designated portals. This makes accessing and organising your messages easier.

Faxing plus More

The good thing about receiving fax via email is there’s no adjustment that needs to be done from the sender’s end. People who subscribe to online facsimile services are assigned their own fax number. So, if the person sending you a message is using a traditional machine, he or she does not have to punch in a special code or do anything that is complicated. Further, most online services are loaded with extra features such as digital message archiving and scheduled sending. These extra conveniences make business communications more streamlined and efficient, which is ideal for a mobile workforce.

Reliability and Security

Having a handheld facsimile device allows you to send and receive messages without worrying about paper, toner and other supplies. Since, it’s done online, businesses no longer need to worry about their machine malfunctioning. Likewise, problems associated with the conventional fax machine such as busy lines, transmittal failures and service outages are minimised through this new technology. Also, communication done online is usually safeguarded by the most advanced data security measures. Facsimiles printed on paper can be easily misplaced and information confidentiality might be compromised. This won’t happen in mobile and online facsimile services unless someone hacks into your email inbox.

How businesses conduct their operations are becoming more and more dispersed. Employees are no longer confined within the four walls of an office. Telecommunication tools such as faxing are evolving with this trend. With mobile faxing, sending a facsimile is just a swipe, touch or a click away. Read Less